1995 Chrysler Concorde No Start No Fuel Injector Pulse

Engine would crank over at a normal RPM. Spark would occur then stop, (intermittent spark). There was no fuel injector pulse. Spark was tested using an HEI spark tester and injector pulse monitored with a noid light.

Once the faults were confirmed I connected my scan tool. In this case a DRB III. The scan tool confirmed my suspicion, the engine was out of sync. See arrow on photo below.
This video shows what it looks like when cranking the vehicle and viewing the sync data via scan tool data stream.

Next up was checking both cam and crank signals (synchronization) using my ATS lab scope. The pattern below shows an engine that us out of time. The arrow points to a line that depicts (about) where the cam sensor signal (green pattern) should align with the crank signal (yellow pattern)

Aligning the timing mark on the crank pulley and camshaft sprockets was the final test. The timing belt had jumped a few teeth and luckily this engine is not an interference engine. A new timing belt kit and the engine was running normally.